For New Students


  • Cancellation notice needs to be given 24 hours prior to your lesson for a refund or, if possible, reschedule.
  • Lessons canceled by me will be credited for the following month.


  • Payment for the entire month is due on the first lesson of each month.
  • I accept Venmo (mmcginn), Paypal (, cash, or check.


  • Students or parents of students are responsible for purchasing all materials for lessons (lesson books, manuscript paper, etc).
  • I am familiar with a variety of method books and am happy to continue using a book that you or your child are still working through. Once we complete that book I will give you a recommendation on which book to purchase next. If your child is a beginner I usually suggest Faber’s Piano Adventures. For adults I recommend Alfred’s Basic All-in-One. They can be purchased from a local music store, direct through publishers, or Amazon.
  • Manuscript (staff) paper is also required for our lessons. For kids I recommend a wider staff and a normal staff for adults.
  • A small memo pad or notebook is helpful to keep track of what has been assigned.
  • A pencil for making notes in scores.
  • A metronome is a handy tool for all students to keep a constant tempo. They come in a variety of styles – old school wind-ups to digital to mobile apps. Whichever one is fine as long as it is easy for you to use.


  • We won’t make much headway in our lessons if you aren’t practicing. There is no magic number for how many minutes per day students should practice however some engagement with the material should happen outside of lessons.